Saturday, March 24, 2007

See You Next Tuesday...

It's spring break. I finished all 7 outstanding homework assignments between Thursday night and Friday at 5pm, took my last residency interview and saw another new patient before calling it a wrap for my last winter term in school. It's strange thinking that this is the last...the last winter term, the last spring break, the last year of formal schooling. That's not to say that won't go back to school or ever study again - I was speaking to my own physician this week who graduated about 2 years ago and she's almost ready to return to school for a part time MPH program. I would consider getting another Masters or my Doctorate in Oriental Medicine at some point. Education has really become a habit and the time line really works for me - autumn means freshly sharpened pencils and new pads of paper, after all.

I'm not looking that far ahead though - for now, I'm really only take it one week at a time and this week is spring break week. I'm not heading to Acapulco, San Padre or even Lauderdale, but I am taking a brief hiatus from my daily life to stay at my boyfriend's house and oversee (that means just being home) the contractor he hired to install some new flooring. That's going to be Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - so I made a lot of appointments on Tuesday: trainer at 9, health appointment at 11:30, patient at 3:15, and 3 social engagements that evening that all start within an hour of one another. I keep sending emails saying "See you next Tuesday" and I'm very conscious of what that has become an acronym for.

I can only remember being physically punished by my parents twice in my life - once my dad gave me and my brothers all spankings when I was pretty young - I hated waiting in my room listening to my brothers holler as he spanked them, knowing it was coming. You can bet I never got up to whatever we did to deserve that again. The second time my mom slapped me as a teen for swearing at my brother and specifically for using the word "c_nt." Yes, my momma raised me better than that, too, and after that slapping, I never said that word in mixed company again, despite my love of a colorful swearing. I always considered it the height of profanity. Well, apparently mom has changed her view as she recently told me that so-and-so was just a "stupid c_nt." I was so shocked that I almost slapped my mom for it! I guess the same rules don't apply once you're over 30.

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