Thursday, October 16, 2008

TV Follow Up

In follow up to my earlier post about cutting down my TV watching, I am pleased to say that I'm not watching as much. When I started paying attention, I realized that not only were the shows really not that good, but I really didn't miss them when I wasn't watching. I still enjoy Family Guy on Sundays with A and I still sneak my Law and Order on Netflix, but I don't spend all the hours of my evenings hooked to the tube. And frankly, I think I prefer watching on Netflix, because I'm not exposed to all that advertising and if it's really exciting, I can watch the next episode immediately.

My other brilliant idea of going to the gym to watch television (for example, on Heroes night) has yet to materialize, but I'm still holding onto that one. A wants to try going to the gym in the mornings and I say great - even if that does mean we end up going twice a day. Then I'll at least feel like I'm earning my entertainment.

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