Saturday, October 11, 2008

Good Karma

Here's a few signs of good karma in my life:

1. My last place of residence was rented to me more inexpensively than anything else I could find. It required no paperwork, no security and allowed my dog without question. I paid my rent late several times with apologies but no penalties and moving out was simply a matter of mutual respect between myself and my landlord.

2. I got a new car for nothing. That said, out of the four cars I've owned, I've only purchased one. My first car was a gift from my dad, the second a gift from a girlfriend and this fourth car is a three-year loan with option to buy from a friend of A's. Getting a "free ride" is definitely something of a gift from the universe.

3. A and I were invited to a cruise wedding and weren't sure we would be able to go for various reasons - when things seemed to fall into place for our attendance, I requested time off only be told that I would be risking my job to go due to holiday black out dates (no time off granted). My immediate supervisor said she'd try to work something out, so we hoped for the best and booked our tickets. A couple weeks later, my boss pulled me aside and asked me the dates for the trip. After I told him, he smiled and showed me the modified black out dates that start the day I return home.

4. My finances seem to be straightening themselves out. Far from attributing this to karma, I recognize that my hard work, planning and frugal habits have much to do with it. I do recognize, however, that I have much to be grateful for not happening in my life too - it's so easy for this or that negative event to rack up the bills and bring on financial ruin. I say good karma has kept me from those events that could have pushed me over the brink I've been walking so close to.

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