Saturday, July 19, 2008

Two Things I Love and Something that Surprises Me

I can't remember when I discovered Netflix Instant Viewing, but it was love at first...viewing. Online streaming is a miracle - it really has changed my relationship with televised recreation. Now I mostly watch TV online through network stations or Netflix on my schedule, and sometimes that means a three day binge. There are a few shows that I enjoy, namely So You Think You Can Dance, that is not available through online streaming, which I find very frustrating because I've missed several episodes this season that sounded great - it's okay to watch them after they've aired, but always in order. I can't watch last week's episode knowing the results after watching this week's. At any rate, before this turns too confessional, the first thing I love is Instant Viewing. Netflix makes it so easy and I like that there is a big library of things to choose from - not just this week's prime time.

The second thing I love came to me through Netflix and I can't remember when that happened either, but I know it was in this year and I think in the second quarter, so we're talking about three months in which I have viewed 3 years worth of Law and Order: SVU. Wow, I wouldn't think I would enjoy this show so much, but I just love it. It's addictive and probably very bad for my tired adrenals, because I do actually get scared. When I come home from work, I sometimes watch episode after episode and when I go to take the dog out and close the curtains, I actually get scared. I have been keeping my phone and a heavy flashlight near my bedside. Last night, I actually thought of a knife, but then I realized I would probably just roll over on it and impale my already weakened kidneys. But I enjoy it. I think the acting is good - I adore Mariska Hagritay, the stories are gritty and powerful, the ethical dilemmas are real and the cases are painful. Good stuff and I'm not alone - there are all kinds of comments on Netflix. That's the second thing I love today which leads me to the thing that surprises me.

In one episode of Law and Order: SVU, a woman asks a clerk at the market where she can find something - he says, 'oh, it's right down this aisle.' The woman parks her cart at the end of the aisle and walks down to grab that item - LEAVING HER BABY UNATTENDED IN THE CART OUT OF SIGHT! Of course the baby was snatched, but more drama ensued as other kidnapped kids were discovered. What surprises me is not that that happened on the show, but that I see it happen at work all the time. In my work at the market, I am constantly walking by unattended children and purses just sitting in carts with no parent/owner in sight. Today it just struck me for some reason. The even more surprising thing is that I do it, too. But, oh adoptive powers that be, I will NEVER do that to my child - they will always be within sight - actually, that's probably true until they're old enough to walk around on their own, because I really like those baby carriers the hippies use - those are cool.

Okay, enough of this blogging, there are 6 more years worth of Law and Order: SVU to watch!

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