Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dare I say...better than Jimmie Johns?

I'm at the office and I got really hungry having only had a smoothie for out I head, looking for food. Taco bell is so tired, McDonald's grosses me out, there's nothing for me at Outback and I didn't want the work involved in buying my lunch at the grocery store. I decided to grab a slice or even a small pizza at Bellagio's right near the post office. I walked in, braced myself that they might not have slices this late in the afternoon, accepted that I might pay $10 for a small pizza and waited...and waited...and waited...and walked out. If they didn't want to help me, I certainly didn't have any more time to wait. A bell rang when I walked in, and I didn't want to yell into the kitchen.

So I walked to the sub shop next door. Subs, despite my early morning affection for Subway (I unexpectedly love an egg sub), are not my favorite food. They are so often done badly that I just don't trust sub shops. That said, like pizza (damn you Bellagios!), done right, a sub can be perfection itself. Thus was my experience at Big Town Hero. How delicious! The bread was crusty, but soft and available in white, whole wheat or onion - yes, I said it and I ate it, onion bread. And they combined mayo and cream cheese on my sandwich - the most delicious condiment creation I've been wanting without knowing all my life.

I started writing my boyfriend about this, but when it turned into a rhapsody, I decided to post it here. I expect all he really wants to know is what and where. What: best sub EVER. Where: Big Town Hero.

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