Sunday, July 6, 2008

Not Their Time

This Friday, my brother took his wife and two sons to view fireworks. They went to a place where everyone parks their cars and watches fireworks from there. A space opened up that looked like it would have a better view, so my brother moved the car. Another car moved into their spot. Seconds later, a drunk driver careened over the hill and smashed into that car, sending it over a hill into a field, throwing the people within about and out of their car. The drunk driver and his passenger grabbed their cooler and ran into the woods.

My brother and a friend ran to the car to help. The passengers of the car included a baby, a two-year old who was sent to the hospital on a back board and other children.

It's shocking. I feel such relief that my family was not hurt, but also terrible that this other family was injured. My mom reported that she believes no one suffered permanent injury and she and my brother are using this to teach my young nephews about drunk driving.

A driving mantra that E has shared with me:
Clear and open roads, EVERYBODY SAFE, rock-star parking.

Mom says our family had an angel watching over them and I believe it. Every time something bad happens and we survive it, mom reminds us that we're here for a reason. Good reminder to live fully and love freely.

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