Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Someone did my work today

I went to work at 4am for a very specific job and when I got there I discovered that someone had done part of it for me. That was weird. I found out who it was and my boss confirmed that he sometimes does that, but it really threw me for a loop. But it made for an easier morning shift, so I'm not complaining.

Tomorrow is Day 6 of 6 in my long work week.
Friday off, then class S/S (8 hours each day + homework), then work M-F next week.
I would say I can at least look forward to rest next weekend, but since we get keys to the new office as soon as the lease is signed, I imagine I might be ripping out carpeting and moulding or otherwise working on the office space. My partner indicated that though we'll be eating a lot of pizza in May, we will probably all lose weight from all the hours of physical labor we'll be putting in. Maybe I'll cheat away next weekend and at least get my thesis draft completed so I can put that task behind me...?

Final misc detail - I accomplished all of the things on my short list of To Do's today, including:
  • Dog poo - I'm a lazy poo picker-upper, so I had to clean up the yard a bit
  • Mail - I'm a lazy mail picker-upper, but I only had junk mail, which just reinforces that
  • Call Health Insurance - I did call and checked on several claims but I missed customer service, so I still have to call back tomorrow. In my excursions to the garage, I found the papers I needed for when I call them, so that's a bonus, too.
  • Clean up the garage - just an overall straightening, but it was getting pretty bad. Now I can walk in easily, find what I need (all the rubbermades are specific now), pull out my boat or bike and find or file papers much more easily (my file cabinets are in the garage). I also picked up some baby items to send a friend who just delivered, my wood burner for an easy art project, the papers for the insurance company, my diploma for my professional associations and some clover seeds that help support healthy bee populations.
  • Clean the kitchen/wash the dishes - check, dishwasher set to 2 hour delay so it will run while I'm gone.
  • Laundry - two loads run through, including all my clothes and linens from recent visit.
  • Talk to woman about the trip I 'won' - yep, it's one of those time-share things, but we're going to try to go to the meeting and then it's off to Vegas, baby!
  • Call Bank X about my loan - since my payment was only late due to their technical difficulties, I was reimbursed excess interest charged, reimbursed the late fee and my low interest rate was reinstated - that was a successful phone call and yes, I'm very satisfied with my customer service!
  • Take out recycling and garbage - it was getting foul in there - that's the only problem with not generating much garbage - if there is any food waste in the can and it doesn't get full fast, the smell gets pretty bad. Next step: composting food waste. Can I smuggle my food waste into work's compost?

Tomorrow's To Do's: Go to work, then relax!

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