Saturday, April 26, 2008

So Much To Say

It's another case of so much to say and not enough time to blog it. Part of it is reporting, part of it is processing, part of it is sharing cool things I've learned and found. All of it is stuff that keeps rolling up to the surface of my consciousness so that I feel this nagging need to jot it down in this location, but it will have to wait because I'm off to work in 10 minutes and still want to load and start the dishwasher, still need to brush my teeth and dress and still should eat breakfast and take the dog out.

That said, since last time the following has been going on:

  • Friends in from out of town for a long weekend - it was a pleasure and a trial. Working weekends makes weekend visits very challenging!
  • Performed the wedding that I'd blogged about - also challenging, but not in the way I expected!
  • Another friend came into town after her husband had an affair. I spent many days just listening and learned that staying home may be the best policy when I took her out to see another friend who immediately starting talking about her flirtation with a married man!
  • Bought an ice cream maker and had 2 not so good experiences. I'm still hopeful, though.
  • Took Chibo to the vet where he took a chunk from the tech's face, but received a clean bill of health - no need for any new vaccinations, no heart worm. Good to know that my vet is not performing unnecessary medication or vaccination.
  • Starting working with a personal trainer who is kicking my butt but also helping me get motivated!
  • A lease seems to be finalizing for the commercial space for my business - we could be open in a month! There is so much to do before that, including finishing my thesis, taking my boards, applying for my acupuncture license and oh yeah, helping install sinks, flooring and painting the new space!
  • And my boss quit, so my schedule is up in the air and crazy ludicrous.

The best thing is that I've got a fun party to go to tonight where I will see lots of friends in happy moods and can just let my hair down. I'm very much looking forward to that!

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