Thursday, April 10, 2008

Smart tramS

Drinking a bottle of Smart water - I think they named it that because one would 'smart' when they realize what they paid for it. I'm not complaining, though. I gave myself permission to drink designer water when I stopped drinking so much soda and alcohol. So, I'm wondering what is the most important, interesting, relevant, deep or life-altering thing to write about today and it comes down to a list of things that are too much everything to go into detail about.
  • Broke up with boyfriend on Friday - this was a good thing.
  • Went to GP on Saturday and spent the weekend watching HGTV and FoodNetwork
  • Grandma died on Sunday - she was quite elderly and in hospice, but things accelerated a lot at the end, so it was still somewhat surprising and brought up issues from other grandma and dad.
  • Got back together with boyfriend on Monday - this is a very good thing.
  • Work meeting on Tuesday - several components of employment agreement are in dispute - need to get a lawyer friend to consult with me on some of these.
  • Picked up a college friend on Wednesday - realized that spending 5 hours straight with someone you haven't seen in four years is exhausting. Also learned that out of town guests don't have any idea what they want to do - unless they come with an agenda, it may be a kindness to just decide for them. [Or, as another friend suggested, make them run errands and help you get your to-do's done until they go off on their own. That made me smile. ]
  • Went back to work today, but my department was slow and it was too strange being back in the world, so I came home early.
  • It's Chibo's birthday (4 years old), so I stopped and bought him a variety of treats at the huge independent pet store down the street. The clerk helped me pick out some natural, digestible options instead of the pretty colored rawhide sticks I had in my hand.
  • Chibo ate an entire Greenie in less than 2 minutes. I'm convinced that it's whole in his stomach at this very moment.
  • I've spent the extra time off laying in bed playing a game on my cell phone, pulling recipes and pictures out of a couple magazines and watching Weeds.

Yeah, it's been an eventful weekend and now I don't quite know what to do with myself. My plans to watch that cartoon movie, Ratatouille, tonight sound just about right.

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