Friday, April 4, 2008

Permission Slip: Never to Read Good Books Part 2

It's a strange day and I find myself needing something to do. Having already rearranged all my furniture this week, it's time to move things in and out of the house. In addition to hauling certain belongings to and fro the garage, I'm taking books to the bookstore. Lucky for me, they purchase lots of used books and I have more than a few to spare.

It's hard to give up some books that I really think I'll never read, so in the spirit of permission and knowing I can always find them again if I need them, here's a list of a few that are hard to let go:
  • In the Shadow of Man by Jane van Lawick Goodall - a great read, but my strong admiration for Mrs. Goodall does not mean that I must keep each and every one of her books in my house.
  • Through a Window by Jane Goodall - likewise.
  • Are We Unique? by James Trefil - a journey about human and other intelligence
  • Edison's Eve by Gaby Wood - mechanical life and artificial intelligence, I expressed interest in this book years ago at a new acquaintance's house and she bought me my own copy, which has remained sadly unread. I know longer remember the name of the acquaintance nor have I read the book, so despite my renewed interest on reading the back, it must go.
  • Animal Minds by Donald Griffin - more of the same.
Okay, maybe I'm not ready to let these go. They're staying, along with Pasta e Verdura (Pasta and Vegetables), a cookbook full of pasta sauce recipes. My recent interest in pasta has secured its place on my shelf. I have about 9 books of my own that might actually make it out the door and a bag in the garage that I'm not going to go through - it's just going straight to the store. And then I'm picking up Joining Hands and Hearts for the wedding I'm doing in a couple weeks.

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