Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Just to Send it on Down the Line

Working a 40 hour week this week.

Yesterday worked my normal day/hours/section, today thru Friday covering for my boss that quit. New boss may come on next Monday. Schedule comes out confirmed on Wednesday, so I'll know for sure by tomorrow. This is what I hate about my retail job: the scheduling. Even though my company has a lot of protections in place, the schedule comes out on Wednesday for the following Sunday thru Saturday, so unless your schedule is set, you really can't plan that far ahead. Now, I can't complain that much because my schedule has been set for the past 8 months and was pretty well set before that, BUT...

...it still bothers me this month not to know for sure what's happening.

And when my boss started asking me, "oh yeah, and do you know how to do this?" I (not-so?)smartly replied, in front of the store manager, "you don't pay me enough to remember all these things." Her pay range is much higher than mine, but I'm expected to be able to do her job when she's on vacation or quits. I understand that's kinda how things work and that there are things she knows/tracks/does that I don't, even when I'm working for her, but it does seem like a double standard sometimes. Usually, I just take my lumps on this one and it's fine, but I'm dreading going in this morning, because there is EXTRA work for me because 1. I'm covering for her, 2. we had a really busy week last week and didn't finish everything, and 3. the person who covered for me this weekend did not do the normal work that I would have done nor the work that my x-boss had left for him to do.


In addition, I'm cat-baby-sitting and this cat is super needy and meows all night long. Since I also have a dog and a tiny apartment, it's not working out very well. I can see the wear on the carpet from the gate I'm using to separate them and I can see the strain on myself and my dog due to my spending time "with the cat" (which is really just "in my bedroom," but since the cat is confined there, I'm inevitably with the cat). This morning, while I took the dog outside, the cat jumped the gate and was in the livingroom when we came back in, resulting in another big bark-fest from the dog (at 6am) and now I'm worried about noise complaints!


Okay, I'm going to breath, eat a good healthy breakfast, do what I can at work, come home and enjoy walking the dog then go sign a lease for my new clinic.

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