Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The One That Got Away

What a weekend. Reinforced one lesson for me: leave on a high note. Unfortunately, I may have overstayed this trip just a smidgen - I found myself complaining just a tad more than telling fun/funny stories. That's how I know when I've stayed too long. It was fun and there are many funny stories to tell, though. Here's my Top 5 for the weekend and one funny story that goes back a bit further:

1. Playing Cribbage - 2 player, 3 player and 4 player! At the cabin and home with Jefe.
2. Playing ImagineIff - what a fun game!
3. Getting to sing quite a bit of karaoke - and especially hearing A have such fun with his signature song: Karma Chameleon (which my gay friend later described, without knowing A's particular fondness for it, as the gayest song ever!)
4. 55 cent tacos from Bandito (not even on the mountain, but still a vital part of the weekend) followed by homemade blueberry frozen yogurt
5. Getting to know several new friends - which leads me to the story that goes back a bit further:

So, once upon a time, there was a time before A when I was Internet dating, as we call it. It started when I first moved to P____. I was moving here with a couple and wanted to meet some people right away so I started talking to people over the Internet before I got here. Well, I met an amazing guy and had a ready-made boyfriend by the time I arrived in town. My first night here, he took us out for delicious pizza, showed us the city lights by night and took us dancing at a fun blues club (oxymoron?). Though my ready-made boyfriend and I didn't last even long enough for me to get moved into my new apartment, the experience was generally a good one, so I kept Internet dating sporadically for the next several years.

One person that I met online seemed really nice, but also was clearly not ready to be dating yet, having only recently gotten out of a long term and serious relationship. I don't actually remember why we never met in person, but I recall that we both seemed to think the other person was pretty groovy, but something wasn't right, be it timing, chemistry or miscellaneous. Later, I was pretty sure that I saw this person come into the store I was working in as a cashier. I said nothing, wondering what the point would be.

Meanwhile, I had made a new girl friend that I really liked. As we got to know one another better, she told me about her most recent long term and serious relationship. It was like dejavu - I felt like I'd heard a similar tale before. It didn't take us long to make the connection that she was the ex-girlfriend of the man I described above! Boy, was I ever relieved that I hadn't gone out with him. And my relief was ten-fold when she told me I would meet him in person this weekend as he was coming along on our vacation, too. They are dating again and I couldn't be happier for them as they seem to compliment one another.

So, in addition to being glad that that one that got away, I'm so glad to have met and made another new friend, as I hope that he will turn out to be.

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