Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Too Much Tuesday

There was a period when I was growing up when my mom used to bring a little gift every week. I'm not sure how or why or when this started, but it was definitely during puberty because I remember ear rings and makeup were sometimes gifts, although there was a stuffed animal or two in there. She used to give them to me on Tuesdays, so we called them my Tuesday gifts. I don't remember and I hope I never got to where I expected them. I remember just appreciating them so much because it was just for me from my mom. I had three large loud brothers and our father was definitely the heart of that pack, so it was nice having something just between mom and I. I could have used a Tuesday gift yesterday - it was a rough day, although also rather inspiring.

I find I want to recap all the details of the day, but it's pretty boring stuff - basically, I primed and painted for most of the 12 hours I was at the clinic yesterday. I took 1 break to walk the dog and use the toilet a the nearby park (we have a toilet, but my partner has yet to put the bathroom door back on), another break to get Taco Bell which I also ate the nearby park, several short breaks to let the dog stretch his legs, and one break from painting when my other partners arrived in the evening and we talked colors and drove to the paint store which was already closed. So, I basically painted for I would say a minimum of 8 hours yesterday. I primed three rooms and painted a double coat of color in one and the clinic is starting to take shape.

The common spaces (reception, hall and group area) and all yellow, which may in fact be the same color as my living room. Our medicinary and bathroom are a bright pale green. We had gotten this sample of a yellow that turned out to be way too bright to use, so we painted the ceiling of the shower that color and it's great - very bright, a funny memory and visible only to us doctors (the shower is a separate room off the bathroom). The other colors are not finalized yet, but I'm picking up samples today and if they're a go, they'll probably be painted by the time I get back Sunday. We've picked two shades of orange for the treatment rooms - the two main rooms will be solid of each of those colors and the surgery will be two tone of those colors. We also needed color(s) for our office and couldn't quite decide on one, so we picked three to sample and may use two - a lovely gray, soft green and deep red. The names of these colors are, respectively, immunity, refuge and brainchild. I think the gray is in either way - it's just a matter of which color accompanies it - I'm hoping for the green, but the red is also nice.

The dog got me up early, but I'm trying not to go in too early before our 1 o'clock meeting. I'd rather go to the bank looking like a human being and not a paint monster. My knees are all bruised up (red, black and blue), my back hurts (picture: hunched over) and I had spots and splotches of paint all over myself yesterday, so I'm going to wear clean clothes for my meeting and change into painting clothes afterwards. I can't wait for my mountain retreat this weekend - hot tub, here I come!

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