Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Why You Love Someone

I have been known to tell people all kinds of things about how they love me, from telling them they couldn't possibly love me yet because they don't know me well enough (and advising them to wait 2 weeks!) to telling them their feelings aren't love to breaking up with someone for telling me he loved me. And just the other day, I told someone that their reason for loving me isn't a good one. Who died and made me Cupid?

How arrogant and unappreciative is that?

For someone who loves the romance of Valentine's Day and the feeling of being pampered, I sure do have some kind of resistance to being loved. For this Valentine's Day, I even told my beau that he didn't have to do a thing - no flowers, no chocolate, no candy, no teddybears, no dinner. I said I'd take care of everything. Why did I do that? Sometimes it's not the thing itself, but the intention behind the thing that matters. I don't really want a heart shaped box of candy and chocolate, especially since those chocolates aren't usually as good, but I do want to feel gifted. No teddy bear beats cuddling with my boyfriend, but it's nice to have something soft when he's not there. My intention was to make us a nice dinner at home, but since we both work that day...?

Maybe I'm just feeling this way because I spent most of yesterday working in a location where I was facing a Valentine's Day chocolate display? Or maybe it's because I already ate the fig and almond chocolate that he brought me back from the Chocolatefest this weekend...? Maybe I should stop wondering and get back to my chores. It'll all work out.

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