Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thesis Plans and Progress

My gal pal wrote: It can be very daunting to be accountable only to yourself, so I hereby demand accountability (to be fun and interesting) to me as your friend. And I have only loving things to say in response.

How is that for love?

So, with a little progress since the start of the year, I again regroup to attack this project.
I thought about forcing myself to sit down and work on my thesis for an hour of half hour every evening this week, but decided not to force myself to it since I'm working extra and exhausted from a weekend out of town.

My plan is to schedule my time pretty fiercly when I get back from Seattle this weekend, including an appointment with my thesis advisor. I've written some more since last he and I spoke and come up with some answers to questions he had. I may even make a weekly appointment with him to add to my accountability. And an outline of what remains to be done - yeah, an outline, that'd be good.

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