Monday, February 18, 2008

Bagel Junction

R used to drive through Cave Junction, OR on her way to visit her beau, so when she heard J was moving there and I would visit, she recommended I stop by the bagel shop. I didn't have to ask which one, because Cave Junction is a tiny town with only the one bagel shop, but it needs no others - they couldn't even compete with the gastronomic delights that Bagel Junction offers. I don't make those words a link because they don't have a website. I suppose their rural location doesn't need a website for advertisement, but it could also be the glowing accolades that any visitor will heap on them and the efforts that visitors from afar will make to have their bagels brought to them. J is coming to town tomorrow and I ordered a dozen bagels - 6 sprouted wheat hiker bagels and a mix of 6 other flavors. I enjoyed the hiker so much that I wanted only those, but A insisted that we try some others - who knows what we might be missing?


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