Monday, February 18, 2008

Too Much Too Fast

Life comes at you fast, or so the commercial goes. So true - no small wonder it's a phrase used in advertising. We can relate to it. I want to take notes on every moment, every day, because it seems like there are always little things that I think, "oh yeah, that's going in the blog." Sometimes it's this blog, sometimes it's my work related blog and rarely, but occassionally, Chibo speaks up and wants something in his blog. I don't know how to keep up and keep it all straight.

I do actually email myself notes when I'm at work and thoughts occur to me, but if I'm out in the word, it's more challenging. As I note this, I realize that it's just possible that my concern about photography could apply here as well. I used to think that if one was overly concerned about taking photographs at a party or event, one might not fully participate in it - I think that could also be said about wanting to memorialize daily moments - when they're gone, they're gone. Lived, learned from and let go. It's okay to let some of them slide into forgetfulness - if they're really important, hopefully they'll come up again.

The other funny thing that comes to mind as I'm writing this up is that the challenge of writing a lot of things at once into the blog is really my own strange habit of each entry getting it's own day. I don't know if you've noticed that in reading, but it's a rare case that two entries have the same date. If they do, they were probably written the same day, but just because two entries don't have the same date most definately does NOT mean they weren't written on the same day - I write and change the dates all the time. It's just a strange habit, but I think it also prevents me from just blurting everything out. And I don't like to talk about multiple subjects in any entry - like, I want to talk about Howling Wolves, but I'm saving it for another entry.

It would be lucky if I still had "office hours" with an accessible computer - I'm surfing a lot of internet at work which gives me a lot of fodder and material for writing, but doesn't allow me to write about it until I get home. Because another oddity of my blogging habits is that I don't ever write a blog outside of the little blog posting box - I've never written an entry in Word or in my email or really even in my paper travel journal. The entries for which I use that journal usually just refer to my notes in that journal. Maybe that's what I should do - just keep a list of daily notes that I could write about later? Okay, now I'm just rambling. Good night.

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