Friday, February 1, 2008


I've been thinking of posting a list of links, not unlike on, the social bookmarking website, but I just didn't want to open another online account. I think might be a little more worthwhile than I suspected and definately more useful than some of the other accounts I have (MySpace), where I learn little and only indulge my desire to spy. For example, in going to the main page, today I immediately found a great link for multifunctional furnishings and accessories for tiny spaces. The rest of the links on the main page may not have been my thing, but I didn't allow myself time to click past the first page. For the time being I've decided not to join and to post some useful or interesting links here, but take a look and decide for yourself about - after all, you'll probably learn more than on MySpace.

In no particular order, here's some links I have saved over time:

Within the cranium - fun photography
NYT on Cellphones - I text Google all the time!
Pandora - Free music!
P__ Bike Maps
Pedometer - Measure your miles!
Bugmenot - Use generalized passwords for sites you don't want to register for
Intenet Museum
How to Get Free Credit Reports
WalkScore - Based on a 2 mile radius around your home

And finally, what I love to use the Internet for, Free TV:

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