Monday, September 23, 2013

Trip to Lake Tahoe...synonomous with Lake Chelan

So I just wrote and tagged my post about my first day of cleansing.  I wondered if I had ever tagged a post "in-laws" before so I checked.  At the beginning of my MILs three week stay with us, we took her and my FIL to Lake Tahoe for a long weekend where we met A's sister and brother-in-law for a family vacation.  I could write about the trip, but it would pretty much be the same post as what I wrote about our Lake Chelan family vacation more than four years ago.  

They still complained about almost everything.  I didn't actually get to do anything without them this time, but they still set my nerves on edge and we still left with someone crying, "never again," only this time it was me.

Except that we planned a trip to Hawai'i with them for next year.  Bugger!

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