Friday, September 27, 2013

Day 5: So far, so good

I started the day with lemon water.  No cayenne - that shit is just too spicy for me. I decided to just grab a small glass of water with lemon as I was getting the dog settled this morning.  Drank it down.  Check.

Made some herbal tea.  Good Earth caffeine free herbal tea plus a bag of Tulsi tea for those adrenal glands.  This is actually delicious with a small dash of soy creamer.  Check.

Green drink.  Damn, I knew I forgot something.  No smoothie this morning, which explains why I'm starving.

No solid food til ... when?  Did she specify exactly how long you shouldn't eat solid food?  This is another of those little random bits of "wisdom" that floats around the web-verse that I'm not sure I agree with.  I love breakfast.  I'm hungry in the morning.  I'm not one of those birds who wakes up and breakfast doesn't agree with me.  I'm one of those, give-me-a-hearty-breakfast and no-you-cannot-finish-my-hash-browns gals.  It's my favorite meal of the day in terms of how it makes me feel.  Dinner and lunch are fun because there are so many great options, but breakfast feels RIGHT. So not eating solid food in the mornings seems like hooey to me.  I guess this cleanse is also good for getting straight about what you do and don't think are reasonable ways to live.

Oh wait, I did have solid food this morning.  I had toast (gluten) with veg-butter and nutritional yeast.  Delicious, but not enough to stick to my ribs.  Giving up eggs is going to be hard.  All I want are some whole eggs on that toast to make me happy.  I can do without the cheese between said eggs and toast.  Maybe I start my "transition" lifestyle there - give up meat (not hard) and ditch the dairy (hard).

Oh well, I thought I was doing good, but even when I think I am, I'm not.  What do I say to my girl friend who is so gung ho?  Do I just jettison the project or keep thinking about it and trying it?  And I think I've proven to myself that I'm not addicted to coffee - no withdrawal, no headaches, legitimately not feeling like I "need" it - so can I go get a cup now to deal with this dreary weather?  Seriously, when I moved to P___ 14 years ago, I thought it was hysterical how many espresso places there are - they have them in the barber shops and car washes - but now I know why they exist everywhere.  You need that little high to deal with the weather here - I'm not giving up coffee.  I don't tell my patients they have to give it up, so why should I?  I do, however, think it's wise not to drink it in combination with other factors that may raise my blood my in-laws.

Yeah, I'm going to the coffee shop.

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