Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day 2: Not starting out so hot

So I finished up Day 1 with the anti-cleanse menu of macaroni and cheese, made with the leftover milk remaining after my MILs stay and diet Dr. Pepper and diet cola to wash it all down with.  So, gluten, dairy and nasty sugar-alternatives.  I didn't feel great about my choices, but obviously don't feel too bad about them either, since I woke up this morning, drank 1/2 cup of lemon water and then had a bowl of my leftovers for breakfast.

I feel emotionally depressed and let down and feel like I need a reset to get back on track.  About the only things I feel good about right now are my husband and my dog, although I could even complain about them without straining my brain too much.  My husband was very disapproving of my food choices last night and my dog shit on the floor and vomited all over the couch yesterday.  Or some days ago...I'm not actually sure when he vomited on the couch and that's really just a sign that our house is simply too big.  If you don't see your furniture or belongings enough to know that they've been vomited on, you probably just have too much stuff.

I'm not ready to sign up for the 100-belongings challenge yet, but I do enjoy a good clutter clearing.  Looking forward to keeping up that project as we move into fall and winter.  After cleaning out our garage and getting both vehicles inside, A and I both felt so motivated to keep it up and I've been slowing giving items away to friends, but unless and until they pick up their items, they are still there cluttering up my home and it just makes me want to dump it all at goodwill or the shelter and be done with it.

So anyway, it's day 2 of the adventure cleanse, yeah!, and my shit is still coming up in a major way.  So I'm blogging to try to get it out of my system.  Maybe this will help.  I'm also going home from work early today and staying home tomorrow.  Planning to wash the couch cover that the dog vomited on, the 2 sets of sheets the in-laws slept on (oh yeah, they slept in one guest bedroom and didn't like it so they moved into the other guest bedroom, so now I get to wash both sheets, one after only a single use!), do the dishes and plan some options for better food choices.  Maybe I'll sit on the Wii fit board and "meditate" a little today, too, since that's supposed to be part of the cleanse.

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