Thursday, April 16, 2009

Too Many Movie Nights

Watched too many movies for the last several days - and relearned how much I love a fun comedy. I may never need to watch another movie again!

Saturday: I Love You, Man @ CineMagic Theater
Dinner @ La Calaca Comelona. Loved the restaurant, food just okay, but I suspect the entrees are where it's at and will go again to verify. CineMagic's prices went up so it's now $6-something for a movie. When the multiplexes charge 2x that, I don't think I have room to complain, but I distinctly remember their movies being $3-4 before. :( Loved the movie and wondered if I shouldn't make it recommended viewing for men?

Sunday:Paul Blart, Mall Cop @ Grand Lodge
We also purchased Ghost Stories of Oregon because it features an entire chapter on McMenamins hauntings! Was surprised to enjoy this movie, but it's definitely got it's charm and that charm is Kevin James. How adorable.

Monday: Seven Pounds @ Home via RedBox Free Movie Mondays I would place this film into the categories of "Must See" and "Never Watch Again." It's a drama, so you know there's some depth to it, but I cannot say more without spoiling. A and I both cried our eyes out, though.

Tuesday: Bolt @ Home via RedBox Free Movie Mondays because with 2 debit or credit cards, why borrow just one? This movie was FUN! I saw previews on the plane when I was going to DC and was charmed because Bolt reminds me of Chibo. A, who wasn't planning on watching this with me, also saw it and liked this movie, too. Cute for the child or dog lover in all of us.

Wednesday: He's Just Not That Into You @ Academy Theater
Girls night out! Pizza from Flying Pie, great prices and good atmosphere. I want to say it's cleaner and more picturesque than the McMennamins Theaters for the same price. A coupon in the Chinook book gets you 2 for 1 and I promise you'll go back. And the movie...well, fun, but slightly disappointing. Somehow I wanted more. The cast is great and the story is good, but maybe I needed more plot and better dialogue? Could be my expectations as I was perfectly satisfied with Bolt and Paul Blart earlier this week.

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