Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cooking Night

I made a decision about a week ago: to start making decisions! During my recent trip to DC, E and I were sometimes paralyzed by everyone's lack of preferences and during the past 6 months living with A, the same thing happens on a fairly regular basis. I also recently read a list of tips for eating out - I think it was a weight loss article, but this tip was more about satisfaction - it said, "Order First." Apparently people who order their food first are often far more satisfied than other diners. I usually try to be the last person at the table to order, but no more.

And that goes for home, too. I decided that unless A made any specific requests, I would just decide what we're eating each night. Asking him hasn't given me any new information, ever, so I just took that step out and for the past week, I've found myself much more satisfied by the new process. Different nights this week, I decided:
  • what I was cooking for dinner
  • what we were getting for take out and from where
  • that we weren't eating dinner at all and could grab snacks if we get hungry
  • and that A could eat this and I'll grab something later
It is working out splendidly and tonight I've decided on an ambitious cooking list:
Here's to stress relief and expressions of love through cooking!

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