Monday, January 26, 2009

When "Good for you" is Good Enough

Ugh. My tongue is on fire! There is one spot in particular that is really sore - I think a huge chunk of raw garlic landed there during my lunch and it's killing me.

I often get hot food or soup from the deli while I'm working at the market, but I am occasionally able to talk myself into eating salad from the salad bar, despite my aversion to salad during the cold months. (Taco salad being the exception - I will eat taco salad with special chipotle salsa anywhere, any time, any season.) Whenever I get a salad, I usually add a good sized scoop of garlic and another of ginger - I figure it gets mixed into the dressing. These are energetically hot foods, so they help balance the cold of the raw salad ingredients and they are also antibiotic and immune boosting, so bonus, bonus.

Except that they are burning my mouth today! This happens more often than not that I add too much and hurt myself trying to make my salads EVEN BETTER for me than a salad typically is. So, I say today that sometimes "good for you" is good enough.

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