Friday, January 9, 2009

BEST. Pizza. EVER.

I LOVE pizza. Several years ago, my friend's sister moved to our town for about 6 months. When it was time for her to move, we offered to take her out for a good-bye dinner and she said, "Okay, if it's anything but pizza - that's all you guys eat!" After I graduated from medical school, my mom wanted to take me out for a nice dinner and instead of going somewhere high-end, I chose to go out for a really good pizza. (Mom understands though, she still talks about how good that pizza was!)

So pizza really does it for me and lately the most pizza I've been eating is the Papa Murphy's Veggie Delite. It's an inexpensive and easily accessible thin crust, garlic sauce pizza loaded with veggies and it's delicious. A and I probably do this at least twice a month for dinner and we've started getting creative. It started by adding a little oregano, nothing too unique. Some green peppers. Then salt and pepper - my mom swears by this and she's right - a little s&p go a long way! Then we added nutritional yeast and we thought we'd hit nirvana.

Last night we took it further and I could almost have died happy. After an experience with some bad chicken, A and I are going more fully veggie so we're clearing all the meat out of our house - I donated some canned tuna and chicken broth to friends and we're using up the frozen and smoked salmon we have. Last night, it was smoked salmon - yes, on the pizza. It was so good. We added everything we had added above and it was DELICIOUS! Amazing. So good. Probably the best pizza I've ever had. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Oh yeah, and the salad wasn't so bad either: mixed greens, sliced fennel, pine nuts, yellow pepper and pomegranate with a vinaigrette dressing. Mmm...fresh pom!

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