Saturday, January 31, 2009

Now What?

So I've been putting off changing my work schedule for a long time.

Originally, I was going to drop a day at my part time job so that I would have 2 days off per week. Not two consecutive days, not a weekend, but 2 days. The eventual plan was to have 2 consecutive days off and then to eventually scoot those days around so that they would be Saturday and Sunday so that A and I could have weekends off together.

My fear of "not enough" gave me a great compromise solution of dropping two hours for a few weeks then four hours for a while until I felt comfortable dropping another two hours on a different day and then maybe ditching a whole day...the thought behind this being that maybe those two hours were somehow going to make the difference and allow my "main" job to start being lucrative so that I wouldn't feel the financial difference.

Not only will two hours on Sunday probably not make the difference in my main job, but it probably won't make the difference in my personal life, either. On the other hand, dropping an entire day at this time (which my part time job would LOVE because they are trying to stick to a tight labor budget), would result in my personal budget losing its balance.

So I'm back where I started uncertain of what to do. A couple of scenarios this week really highlighted that something needs to change, but what?

Scenario 1: A and I discussed the possibility of moving elsewhere, specifically out of state and out of the country. We talked about what that would mean for us financially as individuals and as a couple. Part of that solution would involve me working on my career more than on a day job and that was extremely exciting to me. In addition to the excitement of adventure with moving somewhere else, I buzzed at the thought of getting to spend 40 hours per week involved only in developing my business.

Scenario 2: In the middle of working my normal 6 day work week, I realized that I was going in on my day off for a networking event for the clinic. As I mused aloud about switching my day off, my business partner rallied me into agreeing to come in on my normal day and my off day. He didn't boss me, he didn't guilt me, he just, well, rallied me. And then I was sick on my day off and couldn't go to the networking event. Go figure - my body knows that even God needed rest on the 7th day and made me rest.

What I've learned:
1. I'd love to work on my business as a full-time job. I really think that I could get some things going if that were an option in the present moment.

2. I'm bored - I don't really want to move, but I'm jumping at the idea because it's something new and different. I crave ADVENTURE!

3. I need more than 1 day off per week. I know I didn't just get sick because I was going to work an extra day, but I also think that working 48-60 hours per week is definitely predisposing me to getting sick. And contributing to my boredom and my lack of investment in my business.

4. I need to develop a plan for financial security that allows me to have more time to work on my business and more time for recreation. Maybe that means a different part time job (that pays more)? Maybe that means a second part time job (that pays more) and cutting my hours at this part time job?

Or maybe I need to revisit my namesake and manifest more prosperity into my life so that I can cut my hours a day at a time per my original plan.

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