Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weird Habits of the Obsessive Compulsive

Everybody has a little OCD in them - A liked the kitchen counters wiped down regularly, my mom washes her hands a lot and I...gulp...shave fabrics. Yes, I shave fabrics. You know those little fuzz busters you get for clothes? Well, when I first moved here, my male roommate had one. His girlfriend and I made fun of him unmercifully, but it's true that his sweaters always looked very nice.

Fast forward a few years later - some friends of mine did a really cool thing for my birthday - they all chipped in to give me some money and took me to the outlet mall where I was set loose to buy some things I'd always wanted. What do you know but that I bought my first fuzz buster. I loved it - I used it all the time and discovered that not only was it good for sweaters, but sometimes dress pants "pill," socks occasionally need a shave and that nothing is nicer than shaved sheets - okay, probably really expensive sheets never need a shave, but I like my sheets and they are oh so much softer after I shave all those little pills off.

That first buster died or the batteries died in it - I'll never know who went first (there was a big mess in the battery compartment), but after the move, I discovered that it was no longer working and it took me months to find a new one. Never you mind that that was in part because someone, who shall remain nameless (A), told me that Fred Meyer didn't carry them. Fred Meyer does carry them, though to my surprise, I could not find one at Target. What the heck, Target?

So, I'm reunited with my love of busting fuzz and believe me, it's very satisfying. I've already cleaned up most of my wardrobe and started on the bed the other night. Unfortunately, A was in the bed and told me to get myself and my wackadoo appliance OUT! Well, my side of the bed is done at any rate and the sheets feel oh so smooth. :)

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