Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This Week From the CSA

I went through the fridge last night and cleaned house. We still haven't touched the cabbage, but that'll keep a little longer. I made a chili with some of the dried beans, but though soaked, they hadn't cooked last night - I'm hoping the day in the slow cooker will do the trick, because I'm looking forward to a bowl of warm chili this afternoon. I threw in a bunch of peppers that I got free at the market, some of the onion from last weeks bag, some corn off the cob and a tiny bit of broccoli I found in a bag hiding in the fridge. It might seem weird to put broccoli in chili, but the best chili I ever made was thrown together with bits I had in the freezer once when I was poor and hungry and included a whole bag of frozen broccoli. Spiced it all up with a little chili powder, some cayenne and a lot of chipotle powder, because I just can't get enough of it.

We had taco salads for dinner last night using Fantastic Brand black beans - they were delicious and a great addition to the salad despite being pureed. If no chili tonight, then bean dip! Used up most of the remaining lettuce and decided to cut and clean the lettuce immediately as it arrives for easier usage. It's hard to want to make a salad in the evenings after work when I know it involved cleaning cutting so many veggies.

So far, what we have left from previous weeks includes:
  • rhubarb - going to make another pie, just need to get some berries
  • lettuce - just a bit, probably eat today as side salad
  • pea pods - these got lost in the fridge - we'll probably eat them raw because they are sweet and delicious
  • onion and dried beans - these will last a while
  • cabbage - need to make saag one of these nights - that'll make it go quick. If that doesn't happen, then I'm making sauerkraut
  • zuchini - raw pasta makings! Or raw zuchini hummus. Or dog food. :)
  • carrots - general use and A keeps eating them raw which is great!

This week's bag includes:

  • lettuce
  • pea pods
  • fava beans - never eaten this!
  • cabbage
  • blueberries - I've been eating blueberries as a nice light breakfast and it seems to be quite nice.
  • summer squash
  • a fresh cut herb
  • sedum - never heard of this! It appears to be a garden plant and NOT necessarily edible. So far the other two plants are still on my kitchen window ledge, but A says he's got potting soil somewhere and I know we have pots, so I'm planning on digging in the dirt a little later today!

We'll see what we end up doing with this bounty!

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