Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New Goals Program: Three A Day, My Way!

I'm developing a new goals program. Since I can't remember a lot of things and rely heavily on my computer for keeping a task list, I sometimes get overzealous in my list and then end up doing nothing. To help simplify my desire to get things done, for a while I told myself I only had to accomplish three things in a day. It didn't matter what they were, but accomplishing three things that I had set out to do was enough. For a while, this program really worked for me and I felt like I was making progress on my to-do's.

I decided today to reinstate the three-a-day program with a twist. The twist is that I'm going to set the three daily goals a week at a time and they are going to be project oriented. For this week, for example, my projects are 1. thesis, 2. boards and 3. life. These are all areas in which I would like to see some progression. So I have set goals relating to these three areas for each day of the week. In the life area, my daily goal is just to accomplish 1 thing from my ongoing to-do list. If I accomplish more than 1 in a day, that's gravy, but it doesn't count towards the next day. In thesis and boards, I'm breaking down my writing and studying into small manageable chunks so that I'm not overwhelmed to start and so that I'm working a little everyday instead of cramming once a week on my day off.

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