Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bloody Hellraiser

After all the computer crap last night, I had to be really nice to my boyfriend. I try to be nice to him always, but I wanted to be especially good after he saved my computer baby. [Computer baby sounds really hokey, but I have to say I have more affection for this one since I bought it than my previous computer which I was given for free, even though I appreciate the price of free so much. I feel similarly affectionate to my car which is the first I bough after two that were given to me.] So, my way of being good to my boyfriend - I watched a horror movie with him.

I NEVER watch horror movies and after watching Hellraiser with him last night, I remember why. Even hokey 80's horror flicks scare the daylights out of me. I'm already scared enough in this world from real attackers that I don't need to add fear of supernatural or unnatural things. Hellraiser was so fake and really a strange story - I imagine it's probably a great book, but horror books also scare me, so I stopped reading them, too - but I was still scared. Okay, this is going to get personal, brace yourself: I was so scared that I made my boyfriend walk into the livingroom with me and turn on all the lights so I knew no one was in the house and then I peed with the door open. Huge taboo for me. Bathroom time is private time, but I couldn't be in there alone.

It's a good thing I have to go see my landlord tonight and can't go to the scary movie night he's going to, otherwise I'd be in real trouble. I just hope I can get through the "haunted tour" we're doing tomorrow!

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