Friday, October 5, 2007

Best Friday Night In a LONG Time

Great plans for Friday night:

1. Make unclear and incomplete plans last minute
2. Call only those people who you can really relax with
3. Ask someone else to host
4. Tell everyone you'll make all the food, then change your mind at the last minute and tell everyone to bring something
5. Shake until blended

What a fun night. No movie was watched. Half the food was a flop. We forgot to plan any drinks. And we didn't know who was coming and who wasn't. And it was the funnest Friday night I've had in a long time. I feel content in my heart and in my tummy.

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Anonymous said...

Half the food was a flop? - I don't remember it that way at all!! Oh yes, I do! It was the best Friday night in a long time and can you believe that it has been this long since I actually read a blog? I SUCK! -C