Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I also Love my boyfriend's new Netbook

A bought himself a netbook for Christmas this year. He's wanted one for a while because we usually take a computer with us when we travel and he wished we didn't need to take such a big obvious computer with us. The netbook was the perfect solution. He asked me if I wanted one since my laptop is slowly dieing, (Seriously, I thought that was mis-spelled, too, but it is apparently the correct spelling!) but I resisted. No, I want a laptop that I can edit videos with and do more than surf the net. I still want a computer I can do those things with, but I have learned to love the netbook. I'm typing on it right now.

It's tiny, it's lightweight, it's much faster than my computer. I don't save anything on it, but instead use my little corner of cyberspace via GoogleDocs, etc., so I don't have to worry about it crashing. We used it (and the iPhone) on our vacation recently to find coupons and hotels, to plot our route, to check email, to write an article for work and to play. It's great.

It's Tuesday morning following vacation, I played catch up yesterday and I have a haircut tonight. Yes, I have nothing better to do with my time than blog about how I love this computer.
XO, netbook, time to get ready for work.

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Ankesh said...

Now we have a bizarre love triangle as I love it too.