Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Days

We got back from vacation late Sunday night, drove home Monday. Called in to work on Monday due to bad road conditions. Closed the clinic Tuesday and Wednesday due to bad road conditions. Was able to get to work Thursday, worked all day. Off Friday. Called in to work Saturday and Sunday due to bad road conditions.

What have I done with my snow days? What would I like to have done or do? What I've done includes not a lot - it's been a continuation of my vacation, but not a pleasant one. Note to self: in future, when bad road conditions prevent attending normal work functions, think about how you would have liked to spend the time.

What I wish I had done:
  • Finish unpacking - I moved in to my house in August and still find myself rummaging in boxes in the garage for this or that gadget
  • Clean/organize my house - we have company coming in January!
  • Study for board exams
  • Relax!

What I did that I'm glad of:

  • Got to know some new friends better
  • Played a lot
  • Took Chibo everywhere I went

Addendum: After this post, we had 5 more snow days in which I continued to do not-a-lot.

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