Saturday, August 18, 2007

Goal Update: Lessons in Vegan Cooking

Accomplished goal #64 tonight - cook a recipe from the vegan cookbook.

The book is Vegan World Fusion and comes from the Blossoming Lotus, my new favorite place to eat. The food is outstanding and vegan softserve is a new flavor everyday and costs $1.

Tried the Polenta and Forbidden Rice Casserole with Black Bean Sauce (sorry, if you want recipes, buy the book, I guarantee it's worth it). Added the optional fennel and shitake mushrooms and used soy milk. Next time, eliminate fennel (too strong), more shitake (delicious), chop all more finely, use coconut milk (more delicious), use less rice (just enough for the bottom of the dish) and more polenta. The Black Bean Sauce was fantastically delicious as is, although I would have liked a slightly thicker consistency, perhaps to be achieved through hand mashing some of the beans instead of blending the lot together in the blender.

It was okay - my guests were generous with their praise, though and the wine - from Cooper Mountain - was great. Cooper Mountain definitely going on the grocery list and into the budget.

Later note (if you can believe me when it comes to time): The leftovers were even better and I think the dish would be improved by the addition of corn bread batter baked on top. Maybe that's how polenta should turn out or blasphemy to the polenta, but I might try it next time. In addition to my "No Fault" cooking rules, I'm going to have a "No Rules" rule - anything goes, as long as it tastes good.

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