Thursday, August 9, 2007

Bragging Rights

So the clouds are is the moratorium on blogging and other "non-essential" computer works. Naturopathic board exams are 2/3 completed and I'm feeling pretty good. Immediately after the exams, I sometimes feel a little small, but it's also a bit unfair for me to assess every question that I know (and that I know I know - i.e., I know I'm right) as being too easy for the exam. Today I also took a state test which allows one reference book and I feel like I aced that one. Only 3 questions still stumped me at the end and they were the ones everyone was asking about. As this is more reflective of how things will likely be in practice, I feel stronger already.

I don't feel that it's appropriate to brag (or hope?) out loud amongst friends, but here, let me say that there is a chance that I may pass these board exams. Passing means I do not have to retake them in February at a cost of $750 and that I can be licensed in 2007 or 2008 at my pleasure.

Acupuncture boards and thesis still looming, but this will be dealt with after wrapping these boards and moving.

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