Saturday, June 30, 2007

Best Kept Secrets

I ate at a new restaurant today and it was quite possibly the best kept secret in Portland. I've been studying across the street from this place for a couple months now and always wondered about the beautiful people lounging across the street outside the yoga studio. Turns out the yoga studio and restaurant are attached. The people sitting outside are eating the most delicious, inexpensive and healthy food I've found at a restaurant to date and probably ever will.

What's the name, you ask? I'm sorry, that's classified. This is what I do - I'm apparently a secret keeper. Ree has told me that for years and I didn't believe her, but now I do. I want to keep this place all to myself, even though it probably wouldn't appeal to a great deal of people...okay, who am I kidding, the food is so good that even the people who aren't vegan would appreciate this treat. I'm going back tomorrow for another dessert ... and the next day ... and the next day. So much for being a Skinny Bitch.

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