Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Visit to The BeeHive State

I want to say something clever and far-reaching about my trip this weekend and what it reflects about couples, travel or the great state of Utah in a very general way, but I can really only speak to my own experience of it. I loved it.

My partner asked me when my last vacation was and I couldn't even remember - it must have been my trip to Disneyland last October. That trip was a study in contrasts as I went with someone I barely knew. We had lots of fun at Universal Studios and Disneyland riding roller coasters and running around, but spent our evenings staring at the walls and each other. Our silences were uncomfortable and we both knew we wouldn't see each other again after the trip. By contrast, my trip to Utah was filled with laughter and amazement at nature. The silences were expressions of the awe at the amazing natural scenery around us.

I especially enjoyed staying at the Desert Hills Bed and Breakfast where I met people from as near as Grand Junction, UT and as far as away as Germany. Interestingly, both my partner and I had "small world" experiences while in the large state of Utah. The German couple we met are from a small town very near the town where I stayed in Germany - they kindly invited us to meet the prince and visit the castle in their town which I now cannot recall...Bungeburg? The operator of our first hotel also happened to come from a small town in India very near to my companion's parents' hometown.

I love this small world.

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