Friday, February 16, 2007

Third Time's A Charm?

This is my third attempt at blogging and I don't know if this one will be anymore successful than my previous blogs. My first blog which was all about dating and provided what I think of as valuable advice for men was harder to write when I started a relationship. Not that I think my boyfriend, or other men, couldn't still benefit from my vast knowledge of what women want, but it was harder not to write specifically about my boyfriend or use that as a passive aggressive outlet for what should be honest communication.

I then tried to write a career oriented blog. As a student of the natural healing arts, I have a lot of opinions and information worth sharing, but apparently writing something that appealed in any professional sense is just beyond me as I still haven't written a single word of my own masters thesis. When my classmates ask about my thesis, I say, "yes, I've written 13 pages." What they don't know is that all 13 pages of that are quotes.

So, now I'm writing my 3rd blog...why and what for? Keep my friends and family updated? Probably not - I'm such a secretive control freak that I probably won't share this link with anyone that I think would actually check in and read it. Because I have interesting things to say that people might like to read? Possible but I doubt it - although I've found very unlikely blogs to be unexpectedly fascinating. I guess I just want a safe place to post my rants.

For example, my rant about I really the last of the Resistance to MySpace? I'm not sure how my dislike of MySpace started or really even what it is based on, but I have this strong resistance to making a MySpace account. I find myself frustrated as I look on my friends' pages and can't view their photos or calendars without logging in, but I refuse based on some random principle to keep in touch through that media. My friend told me last night that she has an account that she uses specifically for spying - that almost got me as ISpy is a way of life. However, I started this blog instead - I guess it turns out that I'm more of an exhibitionist than a voyeur.

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