Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Exam Finished, Now What?

I wish that were true, but I know what I must do:
  • Clean bathroom x 2
  • Clean kitchen
  • Change sheets in bedroom and guest bedroom
  • Vacuum/sweep entire house, including spider webs
  • Dust entire house
  • Make raw dog food, buy dry dog food
  • Start sauerkraut and pickles
  • Start kombucha
  • Start sprouts
  • Blanch and freeze green beans
  • Find a recipe for fresh garbanzo beans and make it
  • Shred and freeze zucchini
  • Make yummy raw borscht
  • Figure out how to make beet green palatable
  • Make eggplant rawvioli and eggplant dip
  • Plan meals for the rest of the week, including brown bag lunches for A and I!

And that all depends on which of the veggies have gone rotten in the fridge. I'm giving away two heads of lettuce today, because we just can't keep up - we're salad'ed out! If I end this week with no fruits and veggies in the bin, I think I'll actually be a happy woman!

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