Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tender Heart

It's been a movie watching week and my heart can't handle anymore good movies! Twilight finally hit the second run theaters, so we went to see that. I was a bit immune to the buzz around it, but had read about the tourism in Forks since the books and movie, so I knew it was a bit of a craze. I'd seen the previews and knew that the actors and actresses were lovely. I even knew the basics of the story - vampire romance. Recently reading the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series (which I have referred to as the 'adult' Twilight) prepared me somewhat, but not enough.

Some confluence of stars has created an entirely amazing love story in this movie. My chest actually hurt for two days after watching it, because the love was so strong, so intense. I really cannot say more, because I could be easily moved to tears just thinking of it. I probably won't have this same reaction if/when I watch the movie again - I can just vaguely remember other movies I've had strong feelings and reactions to never being as good or as strong the next time around. But I loved it. Brava, film makers and actors, brava. Of course, I wanted the book immediately and A indulged me by picking me up a copy. I read it and enjoyed it, but -- and this is RARE -- I enjoyed the film more.

(On a side note, my friend R recently watched the film as well and she had the same reaction - I think we could easily end up 30-something Twilight junkies!)

A few days later, A brought home a movie for me that I've been wanting to watch, Nights in Rodanthe. The previews show Diane Lane and Richard Gere laughing on the beach together and everything seems really soft focus, so I imagined a sweet love story...and got warm and fuzzy as that developed onscreen until the shocking plot twist stripped away all illusions I ever had that life works out. Now, if you know me, you know that I don't cry often, easily or at all gracefully. This movie reduced me to a pile of blubbering mush. I cried from the plot twist through the end of the film and for at least another hour, harsh, sobbing, wracking cried that left my face red, my eyes shining and my nose raw.

Maybe my heart is too tender for these films and I should stick to slap stick comedy.

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