Friday, February 20, 2009

I ♥ Blogging

Seems like forever since I wrote, but I've been thinking about writing all week. It's only come to my attention recently that I LOVE blogging. I love writing, I love reading others' blogs, I love creating links in my blogs to the things that made me think this or that and I love formatting it so it looks nice. Oh, and I love adding pictures (and videos!). I got a little overwhelmed for a while because I had multiple blogs: this blog,another Blogspot blog for work, a LiveJournal blog for me and one for Chibo, a blog on a social networking site for my other job, plus, MySpace and FaceBook which don't require blogging, but support it.

I started thinking of compartmentalizing different topics onto the different blog spaces and keeping my identity separate and secret in different places. For this blog, I will continue to keep my identity unrecorded, mostly so that my patients don't stumble upon my random ramblings, but I also feel like, even and maybe especially when I write about things that are near and dear to my heart, I don't mind and maybe even want my community to read what's happening. I guess that's the appeal of LiveJournal - A's become good friends with many of the folks on LJ and he writes without censoring himself and there must be some comfort in that.

Now I grant you that it happens that I don't vent here about anyone that I know is reading, so if I gave my blog address to another 10 friends, there would be another 10 friends that I could rant about, but really, when do I rant about them now? And would it really be so scary for them to read that I adored Twilight or cried my eyes out after Nights in Rodanthe?

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