Saturday, November 8, 2008

Letting Go...

Some of my musings on why I'm letting some of the 101 goals go...funny in that when I write down my reasons that I don't think I'll do them, I notice that letting go of my have-to mentality makes me feel a little more like doing them.

7: Write my masters thesis. Because of a new Masters program that I am eligible to transfer into, I may not finish this. And frankly, if I can throw money at this problem and make it go away, I'm happy to do it in this instance.

4. Get names/artists for the currently un-labeled music – do I need that much organization?!

14. Sell or donate crafting supplies not in use – I like having them around so I can create whenever I want.

20. Do deep breathing exercises every night for 1 week – I’m just not into this. It's like I think I can force a new healthy habit on myself. Since I'm all about life evolving organically, I don't think I should force myself into this.

30. Get caught up on filing and data entry – what does “caught up” mean? I’ve felt caught up several times and still have a stack. I think I need to define goals like this one a little more clearly.

35. Consult with an adoption counselor – I’m content for this to happen in it’s own time and take it off the list with a deadline.

45. Take ceramics/pottery class – I’d like to do this someday when it feels organic.

51. Plant Tiger Lily's bulbs – ditto.

52. Buy a book on Lily's or orchids – I’d rather take a book from the library one spring when I feel like planting things.

59. Hike 2x per week for 2 months – I just don’t like hiking that much. I'd rather be swimming or boating.

83. Get a fish or bird – Chibo’s enough companion animal for me and learning about what it takes to get fish for aquariums makes me dislike them a bit.

90. Make a recommended reading list for professional development – I don’t want to take the time to make a list, I just want to keep reading.

96. Fast for 24 hours – If I find a viable spiritual reason within my own practice, I’ll do this, but otherwise, I just added this because it sounded challenging.

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