Monday, September 15, 2008

I ♥ Old Men

In trying to determine the highlight of my day, it's hard to choose between the two older gentlemen who I spoke with at work today. The first was an older gentleman that I helped find some green powder. He had read about spinach powder as a weight loss aid and wanted to try it. When I showed him the New Chapter Berry Greens, he was game to try it. We had a nice talk about fruits and vegetables. In addition to being spry, interesting and kind, he was old - I was delighted to learn that he was 75. I look forward to enjoying such health in my elder years.

The second older gentleman I spoke with ribbed me about my shortened name tag which has just a "B" on it. He asked if that's all I get, and I replied with my usual, "They weren't sure I was going to last, so they made sure they could reuse my name tag." And he almost brought tears to my eyes by saying, "Well, you're an A in my book."

It's a great day when you can't choose the best moment because there are too many.

Also grateful today for:
  • A making dinner - yummy BBQ tofu and rice
  • Fruit salad - free pineapple, cantaloupe and apples
  • Feeling energized for the first time in a while!
  • Connecting with Ree and my other Soul Sister

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