Sunday, September 11, 2005

Quotables - From the Past

From various sources - copied painstakingly from paper to paper for years.

Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. - George Bernard Shaw

No, no, you're not thinking, you're just being logical. - Niels Bohr

There is time for everything. - Thomas Edison

We know what we are, but know not what we may be. - Shakespeare

I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past. - Thomas Jefferson

If the path be beautiful, let us not ask where it leads. - Anatole France

To fill the hour, that is happiness; to fill the hour and leave no crevice for a repentance or an approval. - Emerson

If you do not get it from yourself, where will you go for it? - Alan Watts

You cannot avoid paradise, you can only avoid seeing it. - Charlotte Joko Beck

Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as an enlightened person. There is only enlightened activity. - Shunryu Suzuki

In Zen you let your frontal lobe rest. - Katagiri Roshi

Wealth is the number of things one can do without. - Feodor Dostoevsky

Nowadays there is no one capable of being dumbfounded. -Soen Nakagowa

Having no destination, I am never lost. - Ikkyu

After the ecstasy, the laundry. - Zen saying

Life is an adventure in forgiveness. - Norman Cousins

A little nonsense now and then is cherished by the wisest men. - Roald Dahl

I have always known that at the last I would take this road, but yesterday I did not know that it would be today. - Narihara

People with opinions just go around bothering one another. - The Buddha

Getting bored is not allowed. - Eleanor Roosevelt?

Gaining enlightenment is an accident. Spiritual practice simply makes us more accident prone. - Zen saying

The world is not to be put in order. The world is order incarnate. It is for us to put ourselves in unison with this order. - Henry Miller

No snowflake falls in an inappropriate place. - Zen saying

You must be somebody before you can be nobody. - Jack Engler

A hole is nothing at all, but you can break your neck in it. - Austin O'Malley

True knowledge lies in knowing how to live. - Gracian

I'm Nobody! Who are you? Are you - Nobody - too? - Emily Dickinson

Not knowing how near the truth is, we seek it far away. - Hakuin

It's not what you think it is and neither is it otherwise. - Zen saying

The important point of spiritual practice is not to try to escape your life but to face it - exactly and completely. - Dainin Katagiri

Zen does not teach, it points. - DT Suzuki

Even though you know a thousand things, ask the man who knows one. - Turkish proverb

In this life, we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love. - Mother Theresa

And as to me, I know nothing else but miracles. - Walt Whitman

Bless all those who live on this earth for as long as it remains. - Unknown

My mouth has delighted in singing songs of my soul. - Unknown

Take the sun and moon as an example. - Unknown

To have assurance deep within the heart is joy. - Unknown

Stillness is the perfect likeness of divinity. - Unknown

To be unafraid of corruption is joy. - Unknown

The ocean is never satisfied with water. - Unknown

Those who are awake live in a constant state of amazement. - Jack Kornfield

Zen does not confuse spirituality with thinking about God while one is peeling potatoes. Zen spirituality is just to peel the potatoes. - Alan Watts

Now thyself. - Mel Brook

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