Sunday, September 11, 2005

Poetry: Love

Soul Mates

How many times have I loved you
and have I loved you well?
We keep going through this together.
It's really hard to tell
to tell you how I feel today,
and how I felt last week,
how it was when you touched my hand,
or when you kissed my cheek.
If I could glimpse the memory
of where we've been before,
why and who and what and when,
it might mean even more.

We've walked upon this beach,
and danced upon the land.
Our identities were otherwise,
you the tide and I the sand.
You the tree and I your shadow,
a pair of butterflies,
yes, this is who we've been before,
all this in your blue eyes.

Our souls are older now
and closer to the light.
I'm glad that we're together still
as we move toward the night.
Over the moon or back on earth,
who knows where we might land?
Either ways the same to me,
if we go hand in hand.
Who knows how we'll be next time,
we could be leaves or faeries.
Though unique and changed again,
I'll know you by Rosemary.

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