Saturday, September 19, 2009

Oh What a Busy Weekend!

  • Indian food with friends - yum! (Using a coupon - thank you!)
  • Watching a movie @ their house. Earth - AMAZING!
  • Breakfast and coffee @ home (Scrambled eggs with leeks, poblano chile and grape tomatoes with Dave's Killer Bread toast - with great ingredients, you can't go wrong!)
  • House cleaning - okay this one isn't happening in the way we'd planned, but we've already set the tomatoes to drying and put all the sheets in the wash machine, so we're at least started
  • Veg Fest - fun!
  • Visit TRee and see the new baby who is cute as a button!
  • Mini golfing birthday party


  • Maybe breakfast with friends from DC at the farmers market
  • Kayaking - time and location TBD, but we are DEFINITELY GOING!
  • See the baby if that didn't fit into Saturday's schedule
  • Doggie Palooza?
  • Mt Angel Oktoberfest?

Oh, there are so many options. I imagine that we'll come home after kayaking and finish the house cleaning, but there's always fall when the weather is bad, right? (The correct answer is: wrong, because in the fall and winter, there are all kinds of exciting and interesting indoor events, too, but I'm going to let it slide this time. I'm sure we'll be able to get the guest bedroom and bathroom picked up for our visitor next weekend and he doesn't care anyways.)

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