Saturday, August 30, 2008

Everybody's Got to Eat...But Not in my Car!

I have a bad habit of leaving my car windows open overnight - the occassional wet seat has never really broken this habit, but what I encountered this morning may! I opened my car door and started to lean in to put some things on the passenger seat...and came eye to eye with a huge SPIDER! It had built its web parallel with my door and was just lying in wait

I like snakes, but I hate spiders and my new house is full of them. One morning, I heard A nearly fall over in the bathroom. When I went to check, I learned he had been caught unawares by a spider hanging out in the toilet tissue. Now I think of that every time I reach. Unfortunately, A said the only thing that ever worked to bring down his unfortunately large spider population was Orkin, which even he hated and I consider toxic. Guess it's time to start exploring some natural spider remedies.

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