Tuesday, December 25, 2001

Poetry: Christmas

You made it to my Christmas list
as one that I hold dear.
I wanted to give you a special gift,
one to bring you cheer,
a gift to show the love I feel,
and my regard for you.
A simple, mindless (or expensive)
gift simply wouldn't do.
They say it is the thought that counts,
and I hope that phrase is true,
because if thoughts are gifts,
recieved as such,
I've given lots to you!
He was meant to come with cookies
and not this simple rhyme,
but Christmas is over,
I'm running late,
now he comes with time.
This turtle that I've made for you
I hope you will accept,
and remember always what he means:
that in my heart you're kept.


(This poem was given with scultped clay turtles and activity coupons Christmas 2001.)

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